About Me

IMG_4996Well hi there! My name is Kerryn van der Westhuizen and I am 21 from KZN, South Africa. When I say this blog has been a long time coming I really mean it… I’ve always wanted a place to express my love for anything DIY, beauty and the way I love to live my life so with a sudden burst of inspiration here it goes!

A little more about me: I am a teacher in training at TUKS in Pretoria.. I am passionate about watching children grow and being apart of their lives helping them believe that they can do anything they put their mind to. Colour is my favourite word. Everything needs colour and vibrance! Art… enough said…

I am a lover of all bodies and I believe every body has the right to be loved and beautiful. As a plus sized girl walking into a store and buying something quirky and unique is almost not a possibility, so I am on a mission to create and find beautiful things that will compliment all bodies.  DIY is the only way to get things done!

Beauty is a passion… I am in love with all things skin and hair related. If it has glitter….put it on my face! If it smells like fruit… put it in my hair! I love finding all things weird and strange and trying them out!

Okay but enough about me! I hope you love what I have to share.


Kerryn – Meraki