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Almay? Yes please!


I don’t know about you but when I think of the brand Almay I don’t think of anything amazing. I think of it as the brand of makeup that is quite outdated, but recently I haven been passing the Almay stand and I have actually been looking. I’ve been trying to do some research and all I can find are bits and pieces of information about a re branding in the second half of 2017. For Christmas I was gifted 3 products from the Almay range and I am very surprised!

Let’s start off with the Shadow Squad Quads, I have the shade 150 Pure Gold Baby. It is a fairly small quad with four shades. A beautiful brown transition shade, a light champagne gold, a pure gold and then the last shade which is by far my favourite is the top right shade. It is an extremely bright and glittery shade that is best used as a topper. The shades are all really great as an eye shadow and even a highlighter, just using the lighter gold shades. I have also been using it as a bit of a bronzer dipping into the whole pan, trying to not get into the glittery shade too much otherwise you’ll be taking bronze goddess to a whole new level! These shadows were released in the beginning of 2018, so they are not new to the scene just new to me! If I had any criticism it would be that the pan is just a little bit small! Other than that, I genuinely love it.




Next onto the Goddess Gloss, Shade 800 Ethereal. This is a fun and funky colour! It reminds me of a galaxy with pink and blue flecs in it. the I’ve never really been a gloss person up until I saw Le’Chelle Aldridge doing her makeup in one of her videos and using gloss ,I was hooked. This gloss wears well by itself and as a topper on a dark lipstick. I wear it by applying a small amount to add a bit of colour and shine, it has a really beautiful sheen and is not overly glittery.

Last but not least is the Eye makeup remover pads. I’ve never used an eye makeup remover, I usually use a micellar water or just face wash/cleanser. I’ve been trying these out over the past few weeks and to be completely honest I am not as sold as I was hoping to be. The little pads do remove your eye makeup after a bit of scrubbing which feels a bit harsh on my eyes. I find my eyes burning a little after I’ve used them and sometimes wake up with panda eyes the next morning.  They do the job well enough but I think I need a bit more convincing!

Overall I really enjoy these products and will definitely be repurchasing Almay in the future! I am on the look out for more of those beautiful shadow quads! I hope next time you pass the Almay stand you’ll give it a second look!

Kerryn xoxo

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