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#2 MiMi Botanicals

MiMi Botanicals

Welcome to the second part of the Local Skincare series,

This is a brand that I have fallen in love with and I truly believe they are going serious places!

A few months ago, I placed an order during the woman’s month promotion, if you purchased anything on the site you received and free facial spray.

MiMi Botanicals has 2 ranges that caters for different skin types, The Blue range for normal to oily skin and the Pink Range for normal to dry skin. I ordered the Soothing Skin Tonic from the Pink Range and the Regenerating treatment oil from the Blue range.

The description of the skin tonic is:

“This spritzer is targeted at bringing relief to inflamed and puffy skin.  The Aloe and Chamomile brings deep relief to skin cells, while Orange Flower and Peppermint revives skin tone and appearance.”

I chose this tonic for the properties of the Orange Blossom as it brings relief to damaged skin cells and I was trying to target the scattering of scars on my cheeks. I really loved this skin tonic, it is extremely fresh and soothing. I used it every morning and night as apart of my skincare routine and throughout the day when I felt like I needed a little pick me up. It is a great component to add to your skincare routine and it smells amazing! I am devastated that it is finished!

The description of the oil is:

 “Rose Hip Oil can penetrate deep into the skin, where it delivers vitamins that are crucial for cell regeneration.  Combined with Pomegranate Seed Oil this treatment oil contains high levels of anti-oxidants and nutrients that combat the effects of environmental damage and reduces the signs of aging.”

I chose this oil as I have quite dry skin and for the Rose Hip Oil, as I hoped it would help with my skin pigmentation and the scarring I have on my cheeks. The oil is very thick so a little goes a long way. It applies easily and feels lovely on the skin. I use this every night before bed applying a small amount to my cheeks, forehead and chin. When I wake up my skin feels soft and smooth which makes applying makeup really easy.

Over the past few months using these products I have noticed that my scarring has lightened, and my skin is responding well to the products. I cannot recommend these products enough.

The products are all categorized into a 4-step facial skin regime with each step having a product from the Blue and Pink range.





Every step is covered so you will only have a one stop shop for all your skincare!

I also feel it is important to support small business owners such as Michelle du Preez who is the owner of MiMi Botanicals.

“MiMi Botanicals is a luxury natural skincare range that consists of products manufactured with high-quality botanical ingredients.  The products are handcrafted by owner, Michelle du Preez, in small batches in Johannesburg, South Africa.”

MiMi Botanicals is an advocate for natural and organic skincare, the products contain only the purest of ingredients, they source their ingredients which have been farmed using organic and sustainable practices.

The best part is that all their packaging is recyclable reducing plastic where they can! Their products come in these nifty cylinders which have become a storage container for all my hair clips and earbuds. The products come beautifully packaged  with little cards for each range.

Their customer service is also amazing! I had a problem with my first order and the container leaked and they were fantastic in responding and finding a solution. I really appreciate a brand that is so concerned about how their brand is received and making sure their customers are happy!

Overall, I really love this brand! You can view all of their products here

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments or on Instagram if there is another Local brand you want me to review!

Kerryn x

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