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It has been a minute since I restarted my Instagram, but after that realisation I needed some time to myself to really think about what I wanted for my brand and where I see myself going. Here I am, back with my new plan of action!

Why did I do it?

I started my Instagram page and blog because I needed a creative outlet, where I was able to tell people what I loved, is not about the followers and it really should never be. I think it is very important to focus on the purpose of your blog and why you felt you needed it. Followers aren’t the end of the world. Whether you have 200 or 20 000 you should do you in the most authentic way possible. This is why I felt the need to hit the refresh button on my Instagram.

I started feeling like it wasn’t a fun hobby anymore it was becoming more of a hindrance as I realised I wasn’t posting what I wanted to post but rather what I thought everyone else wanted to see. The beauty world is so saturated with influencers and people wanting to become ‘famous’ through Instagram and YouTube. I must admit I started to fall into that trap. I was posting images that I thought would give me the most likes and would gain me the most followers. It got to the stage where I would spend hours trolling Instagram looking for the highest liked photos and trying to relate them to my brand.

That was when I put a stop to it. My worth is not dependant on the amount of likes I have or the number of followers.

It is the aim to have a group of real people following you who appreciate your posts and who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. This is my new goal, to produce content that is real to who I am and what I love and that will appeal to the real people out there who are there because they appreciate your hard work.

This should be the aim for anyone who starts a page to use as their creative outlet and I encourage it fully! But instead of creating content to see how many followers or likes you will get, create content that is an encapsulation of who you are and shows your passions.

What is in store for my blog?

I want my blog and Instagram to reflect who I am and what I love to do! So from now on you will be seeing a lot more me and what I love to do! There will be a lot of beauty related stuff as I take the leap of Make up Artistry a bit more seriously, there will be blog reviews and lots of make up and beauty stuff (obviously). There will also be some new topics thrown around like food, my fitness journey, relationships and lots of DIY! I am really excited about the DIY part as Christmas is getting closer and I am a DIY gift giver. I believe there is nothing more personal than a DIY gift to someone you love.

I am really excited for the future and all the new stuff on its way. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will enjoyed creating it for you.


Kerryn x

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