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Paint brushes as makeup brushes…??



DISCLAIMER**I really don’t want to upset anyone by this post these are just ways in which I have saved when it comes to beauty. I also think it is really important to explore our options when it comes to beauty as some brands and ranges are just very unaffordable for a student like myself***

Just wanted to make that clear – Hope you enjoy!

Has the beauty industry been fooling us all along??? This article will touch on a way that you can save on brushes and a more affordable option than the extremely expensive brands out there.


I have been buying paintbrushes for as long as I can remember and I have never once thought about using them as makeup brushes, my first brush set I ever brought was one from LaRoc that I got when I was over in the UK about 3 years ago. It cost me £7 which now is about R120. It was quite a big brush set and had all I needed. I wasn’t very into makeup back then so I didn’t even use the entire set. When I came back and got bit older I started playing around with make and things like eye liner, bronzer and contour. This is when I started needing all of the extra little brushes and bits and bobs I didn’t have.

*copied from the LaRoc website


So, one day on my adventures through the art shop I picked up a little paint brush that I thought would work really well as an eyeliner brush. I was new to using eyeliner and I didn’t want to spend a lot on an eyeliner brush.


To my horror and surprise, it worked amazingly and it is still the eyeliner brush I use to this day. The brush I use for bronzer is also a really fluffy paint brush. I have a few other paint brushes that I use as eyeshadow  brushes.


Since I have been gifted a really beautiful brush set from my better half (I’ve been teaching him well😉) but I still swear by and use my paint brushes as an eyeliner and bronzer brush. They both work so well and after the last 2 year they are still in such great condition.


I really think that if you are looking for an affordable make up brushes paint brushes should definitely be an option. Their prices rage from R10 to R50 depending on what brand and size of brush you choose. I always look for the softest brushes that resemble make up brushes.


The brand I saw most of was Prime Art – they had a variety of really well priced brushes that could be used as a eyeshadow packing brush, blending brush, eyeliner brush and contour/bronzer brushes and fan brushes for highlighter.


So just a little price comparison for you:


Eyeliner brush –

*Taken from Google

Make up brush(bottom): Eyeliner brush R150

Paint brush (top): R7.00


Contour/bronzer brush –

*This photo was taken off Google and I make no claim to it being my own*

Make up brush(bottom): Contour brush R120

Paint brush(top): R20


Fan brush –

*Both images were taken from Google*

Make up brush(bottom): Fan Brush R140

Paint brush (top)- R50-R70


Eyeshadow packing brush –

*This photo was taken from the clicks website

Make up brush(bottom):  (Clicks) R49.99

Paint brush(top): R18.00 – R25.00


As you can see makeup brushes are much higher priced than the paint brushes but some not too bad. There are some brushes that definitely can’t be found at the art shop like my foundation kabuki brush and fluffy powder brush which I have looked for but had no luck. So, in my opinion there are some brushes you can save with but some that need to be brought from a cosmetics range.


I really hope you enjoyed this post! And if you are looking for an affordable option will take a look at your local art shop!







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