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Clean brushes = Healthy skin


If you are like me then you apply all your makeup using brushes, I have a brush (or maybe a few) for every different product. I’ve always said you can never have enough brushes, but I definitely have my favorites. Also, if you are like me you wear makeup almost every day. I must say that recently as my skin has been getting better and my scars lightening I have been wearing makeup less and less.

As I use brushes all the time they get very dirty quite quickly, I have always been quite paranoid about cleaning my brushes as I have heard some terrifying stories about all the gross things that collect inside dirty brushes.

I try and clean my most used brushes like my foundation and powder brushes at least once a week and an all brush clean up every 2 to 3 weeks.

Here are 5 reasons why cleaning your makeup brushes are so important

Acne prevention – When you apply makeup your brushes pick up all the things that are on your face, the oils, dead skin cells, dust and everything that will clog your pores. So, every time you use your brushes you are wiping this all back onto your face with the addition of the old makeup. This combination can be the cause of black heads and pimples.

Maintain soft brushes – Cleaning your brushes regularly will make sure that the bristles stay soft and not damage the skin on your face, as the build-up of makeup can be quite rough on your skin.

Better application – When the makeup builds up it will make it harder for the applications of the product, it will come up streaky and the end result won’t be as flawless.

Longer lasting brushes – The more often you clean your brushes the longer they will last therefore when cleaning them you are looking after your investment.

Avoid germs – Ewww! Dirty brushes are a breading ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria. This is terrible for your face and also for your products. The bacteria will transfer from your brushes to the product therefore making their life span much shorter.


This is how I clean my brushes:

I have tried many brush cleaning products and have liked none of them, when I clean my brushes I always rely on the old faithful Sunlight dish soap. The other products I have used never fully clean the brushes and after they are dry there is always foundation caked in the middle.

Without fail Sunlight always gets right down to the bottom of the bristles and removes all the old makeup. I place a small amount in bow, then I dip the brush into the soap and using my brush egg work all of the old makeup out of the brush.

Make sure to rinse the brush thoroughly as you don’t want a build up of soap inside the bristles,  with the beauty sponge I dip it into the soap and soak it in the warm water. Squeezing it frequently to get out all the soap.

Once they have all been rinsed properly place them on a towel to dry out.

As easy as that!

I love the feeling of applying makeup with a clean brush!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it will encourage you to keep your brushes clean!

Meraki x

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