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My travel go to’s

I’m baaaccckk! Sorry it has been so long! Life has really just gotten in the way. I know I know excuses excuses. It is the truth, with varsity work and trying to get all the Meraki by Kerryn bags and my new skincare line off the ground it has been a nightmare. Have you ever felt like you need a PA to help run your life? Yup that’s where I am at the moment.


Anyway, on to the blog post! These are my travel go to’s for skincare and makeup and everything! I travel quite a lot being a Midlands girl living in Pretoria and my boyfriend living in Durban I am constantly on the move. It is extremely hard and inconvenient to have to pack up my entire vanity every time I go somewhere (believe me I’ve tried it) so I have my trusty favourites that I pack into my bag and off I go! We are going to split this post into 3 categories! I never said I travelled light!


If Tori from Kiss Blush and Tell has taught me anything its that a good hydrated skin is better than any primer! So as of lately I have become obsessed with my skin! I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my skin. In high school I had very bad acne so to help that I went on Oratane, that cleared up my acne but every now and again I get very annoying breakouts. I’ve always been good at managing them but doing the bare minimum so using a face wash and a moisturizer. As I’ve got a bit older and more knowledgeable I’ve realized that it isn’t enough to give me clear healthy skin. My biggest dream in life is to have clear skin so that I’ll be able to leave the house without foundation and still feel confident, on a lazy day I’ll be able to whack on so mascara, fill in my brows and off I go! So, on my journey to clear skin I have been paying close attention to Tori from Kiss Blush and Tell. Trying to figure out what the process should be for a healthy skin.

So, to start off my skin care routine I use the Tea Tree face wash from The Body Shop. I have been using this face wash for a while now and I love it. It is such a fresh facewash and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft. I have quite bad scarring that looks like pigmentations on my checks and chin and this face wash has help immensely!

Next, I use Witch Hazel toner. Witch hazel is an antiseptic astringent (after I googled I found out this means a contraction of skin cells – which helps for skin heal faster). Witch Hazel is a product I’ve only started using recently and I love it. It cleans and purifies the skin so well and I have seen a definite difference in my skin. I have always been a little hesitant about using chemicals on my skin, so I am always looking for ways to keep it as natural as possible (keep an eye out on @merakibykerryn for some cool stuff coming soon, wink wink nudge nudge)

Next on the menu is Aloe Vera gel, I use this to just add an extra hydrator to my skin. It helps with inflammation and blemishes. It has no smell and leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresh.

The gentle magic facial oil is what I put on next, It contains vitamin E and Rose Hip oil, which helps a lot with pigmentation.

Lastly the Cetaphil oil control Moisturiser with SPF 30. Having an SPF for your face is very important and I have used his face cream for a long time. It smells like sunblock but has a really nice texture and has done wonders for my skin.


Ever since I went on oratane the dermatologist recommended Cetaphil so whenever I go through a bad patch I always have my trusty bottle of Cetaphil cleansing lotion on hand. This stuff is amazing. Dry hands? Itchy skin? CETAPHIL!!!

So that’s for skincare! When I finally get my skin under control and my skin care down there will hopefully be a post all about that!

And importantly my home made oil based make up remover!


After my skincare routine I apply my foundation – The Catrice liquid coverage HD Foundation, this is still my favourite foundation. It applies so smoothly and smells great! After a long day it is still situated on my face!

Essence cosmetics All About Matt Compact Powder – I apply this to my t zone and problem areas.

A swipe of MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Sunbasque blush and MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. The Mineral skin finish is really versatile as I use it as an eyeshadow to.

For my eyebrows I use the LA girl brow kit in medium, this is also great to use as an eyeshadow. Finding different ways to use products is a great way to save space when traveling.

Lastly the NYX DOLL EYE Black Waterproof Mascara. I do love this mascara but I find that if it gets wet it breaks off in bits, so for example when I cry (which I happen to do a lot it comes off)  I am very keen to try out some of the other mascaras in their range.

And last but not least the MAC prep + prime setting spray. I think this is a very important step as it makes the makeup look less cakey and more glowey and bronzey. It brings out a natural shine that makes it look like you are wearing makeup and the make-up isn’t wearing you!


Brushes and sponges

I use the beauty sponge from Dischem – this little sponge has served me very well and it is almost time for a new one.

I have a set of mini brushes which are amazing! They are much shorter than normal brushes therefore fitting into a small bag.


So that’s finally it! I know it seems like a lot of products just for traveling but I love taking care of my skin and I am trying my hardest to do the best thing for it. Make up wise, I will never be the highlighter and mascara girl, I like using lots of products as each adds its own dimensions to the skin.


My suggestions for traveling are pretty simple! Do what is right for your skin! If you need 2 products – Oh my word I wish! If you need 50 then so be it! Its all about what you need and what works for your skin!


Anywho! I really hope you enjoyed this post!


Until next time! (Which will be sooner than last time)


Meraki x

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