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If you are looking for a new love affair you need to be introduced to 3ina.

This brand was created by retail masters and entrepreneurs Pablo Riveria and Mark Eve, who offer European made cosmetics with an affordable price tag! This brand launched in February 2016 in London and has literally taken the world by storm. They have a HUGE product range that includes eyes, lips, face, nails, skincare and accessories. They are a brand all about self-expression, they are known for their disruptive, rule breaking approach to makeup! Their range encompasses big, bold, punchy colours and inclusive shade ranges. They have 3 stores in Gauteng, 2 in Joburg and 1 in Pretoria.

I am all about trying new brands and when I saw this colourful store on my adventures I knew had hit the jackpot. Walking into the store, the walls lined with brightly coloured little squares, it was heaven to my art brain! The lovely ladies in the store greeted me with smiles and the most welcoming attitudes.


So more about 3ina (which you say Mee-nah)

“3INA was born with a view to disrupt. Responding to a generation who approached makeup in a fresh, fearless and democratic way, is a brand that is playful, built on confident aesthetics, and with a commitment to delivering premium products at an affordable price.”


This statement is completely true, usually when I see these cute little make up shops the first thing I think is that they will not accommodate my student budget, but I was very surprised when entering their store to see the price range.

With their lipsticks going for between R100 to R170

Their mascara going for around R160

Their BB cream – R170

Nail Polish – R100


I personally think that these prices are quite reasonable and as the quality is great I would be quite happy to pay it! Just having swatched the make up in store I was quite impressed. The eyeshadow is smooth and is highly pigmented.  The foundation has a lovely texture and smell. I purchased 2 of their lipsticks that retail at R99.95 and I am in love. They apply like a balm but are very pigmented. They wear very well and keep your lips very hydrated.

“3INA is more than just makeup, it’s about creating a movement that is positive and inclusive, that delivers products fast and efficiently inspiring a sense of fun. 3INA is about inspiring people to think beyond the one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. It isn’t about an airbrushed myth of perfection, it’s real.
By breaking with traditional, celebrating individuality, diversity and encouraging self-expression through makeup, the movement is global and borderless; all the colors.”


I absolutely love this statement, society forces us to believe that there is only one way to be beautiful, and only one way to be you. I love that this brand endorses this statement and encourages a different concept of beauty.



Always simple, always fun and always on-trend, 3INA products are also guilt-free. Each one is responsibly and ethically sourced, vegan wherever possible, cruelty and paraben-free and packaged sustainably using recyclable materials.

This is another statement that I fully stand by. Cruelty free and recycled.


I am in love with the look of this brand and all that it stands for.


I hope you guys liked this brand review and will hopefully give 3ina a try!

Meraki_SA x x

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