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January Favourite!

My Monthly Favourite

This the first of my new series where I will be talking about my beauty favourite of the month! It is also just a great excuse for me to buy something new and cool every month!

So, for the month of January I stumbled upon a huge collection in Clicks called NYX. I have always assumed NYX is an expensive brand so therefore steered clear of it, but I was extremely surprised by the size of the collection at the Gateway Clicks and the price range. All the products I looked at were very reasonable and inexpensive.

I was on the hunt for a black waterproof mascara, so once I had looked through every single mascara and checked out the brush I came across the NYX DOLL EYE Black Waterproof Mascara. At only R139 I was extremely surprised as the mascara I previously purchased from a different brand was almost R200.

*This photo is not my own

The brush isn’t one I’d usually buy but I was very intrigued so I thought I would give it a go, it is an hour glass shape so when applying the mascara, it makes the inner and outer lashes longer on the first swipe and after a few coats the mascara doesn’t look clumpy or gooey.

I am in love with this mascara. I aaaalllllwwwaaaayyysss battle with waterproof mascara’s. They are either not water proof enough and leave a black smudge under my eyes or they just don’t want to come off and I end up having to scrub my eye balls out!

This mascara applies so easily and doesn’t clump or flake. It wears amazingly and even at the end of a long hot day it looks like I have just put it on. Taking it off is a dream. Using a face sponge and my Tea Tree face wash from the Body Shop it comes off so easily and without hassle or having to revisit the shower to keep scrubbing it off.

I am immensely impressed with NYX as a whole and will be revisiting the collection to keep trying out their other products.

At R139 this mascara is an absolute steal and very much worth it! I am very impressed and would recommend this product to everyone.


So there you have it! My first monthly favourite! Thank you for reading  and I hoped you enjoyed it! Please let me know if there is a NYX product I am missing out on and should try!


Meraki_sa xx


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